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Ecological footprint and how to reduce it.

How to reduce your ecological footprint?   The term “ecological footprint” is used more and more in our society. Which is a fairly good representation of the importance of this term. This term means how damaging certain actions or actions of a person are for the environment. The larger the ecological footprint, the more dramatic the impact on the environment of the person in question. So it’s important to keep your own ecological footprint as small as possible.   What is an ecological footprint?   First of all we’ll talk about what an ecological footprint actually means. An ecological footprint is the impact of a persons possesions and activities on the environment expressed in the area of biologically productive land...

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Organic cotton and why we use it at Bald & Bare

An increasingly common material in the clothing industry is organic cotton.  But what does this actually mean? What exactly is the difference between organic cotton and ordinary cotton? The difference? Organic cotton is made from exactly the same raw material as organic cotton. So the difference does not lie in the raw material but in the way it is produced. From the plant to the usable material, average cotton is processed by all kinds of chemical processes in which harmful substances are used. These harmful substances are not only unhealthy for the environment in which the processes take place, but are also unhealthy for the people who carry them out. In some cases, these toxic substances even end up in...

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