Organic cotton and why we use it at Bald & Bare

An increasingly common material in the clothing industry is organic cotton. 

But what does this actually mean? What exactly is the difference between organic cotton and ordinary cotton?

The difference?

Organic cotton is made from exactly the same raw material as organic cotton. So the difference does not lie in the raw material but in the way it is produced. From the plant to the usable material, average cotton is processed by all kinds of chemical processes in which harmful substances are used. These harmful substances are not only unhealthy for the environment in which the processes take place, but are also unhealthy for the people who carry them out. In some cases, these toxic substances even end up in the final product and therefore become harmful to the skin of the wearer of a shirt.


Organic cotton on the other hand is processed under the strict rules of organic farming. This means that both the environment in which the transformation processes take place and the people who carry out these processes are protected from harmful substances. Genetically modified plants may also not be used for organic cotton, only the pure plant.


Organic cotton also automatically means fair trade.


A lot of people are needed for both picking and transforming cotton. This work is mainly carried out by the indigenous population. Since many traditional cotton companies are located in developing countries, they also make good use of the fact that these people often live in poverty. In other words, they pay starvation wages for the hard work these people do, in some cases they even do child labour. This is not the case with organic cotton producers. They guarantee decent wages and good working conditions.


We at Bald & Bare prefer organic cotton.


The above-mentioned reasons are more than enough reasons for us to choose organic cotton! Bald & Bare wouldn't be Bald & Bare if we didn't care about both the climate and our fellow human beings! That's why we print our minimalist designs on OCS-certified shirts (a certificate that guarantees that a t-shirt is actually made of organic cotton).