Women often have a variety of clothes in their closet, from dresses to oversized sweaters. But honestly, what feels better than a comfortable T-shirt? Especially if you can wear it in public as well without losing your fashionable looks. Combine our organic shirts with any kind of pants, high-waist jeans, shorts, whatever you want. We offer organic and fair-trade shirts in black to combine with your lighter outfits. Our organic and fair-trade shirts in white combine perfectly with your darker outfits. Whether you are a foodie or a tropical party-animal, Our collection has something for everyone.some may say You are what you eat, but in reality, you are even more what you wear. By wearing one of our organic t-shirts you can easily express yourself in a non-verbal yet powerful way. Because all of our T-shirts are both organic and fair-trade you always indirectly express that you care. Therefore, being part of and sharing photos with the #baldandbarefamily ensures that you can easily express yourself to others and still find confirmation from the other #baldandbarefamily members. I hear you wondering, what makes Bald & Bare different to all those other shirt brands out there? It’s a rather easy answer, we care! Buying one of our t-shirts will not only make you look better, it will also make sure that the climate doesn't deteriorate any further. By using cardboard envelopes as packaging instead of plastic sleeves, our organic, fair-trade T-shirts are not only well protected but also contribute to a healthy climate, in this way we ban plastic from our shipments. This is directly related to our quality of life and the quality of life of future generations. Another way to show that we care about people is by using fair-trade t-shirts that are printed, this way we give everyone involved in our brand a chance at a good standard of living. If we add everything up, there's nothing but advantages: when buying a Bald & Bare T-shirt you look radiant, you do your bit for the climate through organic T-shirts and plastic-free shipping. You express your feelings through our minimalistic design. In short: "look good, feel better".