About us. Why Bald & Bare?

Bald & Bare originated from the mind of two brothers. One with a mind full of creativity, the other has a mission to start a company that brings people together. Their strong family bond
creates a family sphere which they want to transfer directly to their customers by creating the #BaldandBareFamily,

an Instagram hashtag on which people can share their pictures wearing a Bald & Bare shirt. This way our community can share how they look, how they feel and how they help the environment to inspire other people.


Why did we go organic? Why biologic? Why Fair-Trade?

Because we care about people. The people who manufacture our shirts as well as the people buying them. Choosing bio and organic has a direct influence on the environment we live in. Keeping the planet healthy for our and future generations is one of our main goals. By going Fair-trade we give the people helping our brand by manufacturing the shirts what they deserve instead of giving them barely enough to come around. The way we went biologic, fair-trade and organic all at the same time is by ordering our T-shirts at Bella&Canvas, they are a like-minded business that fit perfectly in our vision. At B&C water supplies are cut, organic shirts are made and green energy is used. 


The power of minimalism with a twist.

At Bald & Bare we believe in minimalism with a twist. Keeping it simple but awesome. These days our lives often are chaotic and full of stress, so the last thing we are searching for is creating even more chaos by wearing overwhelming shirts. This leads to more and more people wearing one-color shirts. At Bald & Bare you get the best of both worlds. A beautifully original simple shirt. To make sure you look good but you feel even better!